[Latest Edition] RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF Download

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF

Mathematics is a complex subject if you have not been formally taught how to do it. It is hard to explain what makes mathematics so fascinating and complicated. It is a subject that requires a lot of patience and time, but it also has a great reward of seeing the world in a way that other people cannot.

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics Pdf is an award-winning book designed to make learning mathematics easy. It has been the favorite resource of students and teachers for several decades, and it’s still as effective as ever. RD Sharma Objective Mathematics is a comprehensive guide to learning mathematics that covers all the essentials.

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF

Objective Mathematics, by RD Sharma, is designed for the CBSE syllabus. It provides comprehensive coverage of the entire CBSE syllabus in one book containing detailed explanations of all concepts. This bestselling book is a must-have for students preparing for board exams.

This book consists of objective problems in mathematics, which are classified by levels. This book has been designed to choose the story of his interest and then solve the problem set at that level. The solutions to these problems are given at the end of each chapter, with step-by-step explanations.

Book Details

  • Author: RD Sharma
  • File  Format: PDF format
  • File Size: 24+19 MB (Vol 1/2)
  • Publisher: Dhanpat Rai Publications
  • No. of pages: VOL -1 – 180 pages/ VOL – 2 – 184 Pages


  • This book provides the student with an objective approach to mathematics. The topics covered in this book are those required for competitive exams and those that are part of the curriculum of various universities.
  • RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF is a comprehensive book covering basic arithmetic to algebra, geometry, and mathematical analysis.
  • The book contains solved exercises for the rigorous practice of concepts in mathematics.


RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF is an informative book for maths students. The objective of this book is to provide a sound foundation for mathematical reasoning and problem-solving. It also aims to improve the reader’s understanding of mathematics and provide them with the necessary skills to cope with life problems.

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF Download

You can get your file from google drive. This book had two volumes. You can download them separately. If you cant download the file, inform us in the comment section or through the contact form, and we will check that and update it as soon as possible.

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF-VOL-1

RD Sharma Objective Mathematics PDF-VOL-2

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